Home Buying

I know how buying a home changed my life, but I didn’t take advantage of all that home ownership has to offer until I was 35. As a young couple, my wife and I had set a goal to buy a home of our own. We created a savings plan and in 1996 we succeeded beyond our wildest hopes. Achieving that goal provided us more comfort, security, and satisfaction than words can convey. The younger you are when you buy, the longer you have to take advantage of appreciation which will help you build your net worth and I encourage everyone to buy a home as early as possible.

For those who long for a place to call their own, you know that it is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. You want a place to put down roots, to paint the walls, and make it truly yours. It is my mission to help as many people become home buyers as possible.

But I don’t just help first time home buyers. I also help past clients find the right home when it is time to make a change. With so many different types of housing in the Puget Sound – from houseboats to co-ops and more – finding the right fit that not only fits your criteria but also your budget can be a fun challenge.

Information – When you do find a home that seems like a good fit, I will start asking the hard questions so you will have the information you need to make an informed decision. Leaning about the roof, windows, siding and more is imperative. It is easy to show off the paint and flooring, but the infrastructure is the important part of the home.

Pace – Today’s buyers are more educated than ever, and that might mean they are willing to work very fast. I am up for the challenge! But if you are someone who is more methodical and needs time to process information, that is okay too. I work at your pace and will look out for your best interests throughout our time together.

Negotiation – The first negotiation buyers usually start with is with themselves, determining what “wants” get top priority: Condition. Location, features, or price. But I will also help you make great decisions based on what the market will bear the moment you are shopping so you make the best decision for you. When it comes time to negotiate with the other side, we will put my years of industry and problem-solving experience to work for you. About half my business each year is helping sellers; I know the details they are looking for and we can use that to our advantage to be proactive in our offer.

This is an exciting adventure we are about to embark on together and I look forward to helping you take the next step and am honored to assist with this next chapter in your life.