In Memory of Maureen

My real estate website wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to the amazing woman who got me here – my lovely wife, Maureen.

I lost my wife to cancer a few years ago and she still has an impact on me and my business each and every day.

My career in customer service began as a youngster in the travel industry, assisting frazzled travelers in stressful situations. My goal was to create solutions for my clients and get their travel and vacations back on track when everything seemed to be falling apart. I was great at what I did and got energy from problem-solving and saving the day.

When I was considering a career change, it was she who suggested real estate. My sister was also in real estate and with their urging, I took the plunge.

Maureen did obtain her real estate license and worked alongside me, but she was already in a successful career and did not want to leave. However, she still assisted me when able and often went on buyer excursions. She had a keen eye for finding what my clients were looking for and often had that, “this is the one!” moment that was later echoed by my buyers.

She led from behind with her great ideas and suggestions. A dynamic force to be reckoned with, when she left the job she excelled at for 23 years, they had to replace her with two people.

Although she is no longer with me, she still influences me every day. The photo in my brand with the sunrise in Seattle and my puppy are just two of my companions that allow me to stay connected with her.

I could not have succeeded in this business without her insight and encouragement.